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you know you can

Now Cracks A Noble Heart (Merlin/Arthur, M)

Art Prompt Title: 1007
Art link: Art Masterlist
Artist: bend_me_baby

Fic Title: Now Cracks a Noble Heart
Author: tari_sue
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Other, Mordred, Morgana, Leon, Elyan, Gwen, Gwaine, Lance, Elena, Gaius, Freya, Percy, Nimueh
Rating: M
Word Count: 22k
Beta: vix_spes
Warnings: Mentions of child abuse, underage (teenage) and non-con (all non graphic) but relevant to the plot. Age difference. Blood and murder.
When called out to a disturbance, PC Merlin Emrys does not expect to find a dead body and a madman waving a bloody sword at him. He also does not expect the sudden promotion, or to jeopardise said promotion by trying to prove the madman’s innocence. He definitely does not expect to find himself falling in love with the madman, one Arthur Pendragon.
Tags: pairing: arthur/merlin, rating: r
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